We have the solution to create those crisp green stripes you've always wanted!!

Our universal kits for push mowers attach in less than 5 minutes.  All hardware included.  Better yet. Zero maintenance involved.  No filling with water or sand. 

Create limitless designs with our economical stripe kit attached to your mower.  Change the designs, add to the designs.  It's now at your fingertips.

extremely versatile

Manufacturing and selling StripePRO stripe kits for years.  We have many satisfied customers.  Those same customers that refer us to their friends and neighbors alike.  Top quality construction to last.  Maintenance free system.  No filling of water or sand.  Attach and mow.


StripePRO is sold in 10 states and growing.  Order yours today!


Custom orders available on most riding and zero turn mowers.  Call or email for a quote.

call or email for quotes on larger mowers


Easy attachment

Quality.  Economical. Built to last. American made.       StripePRO

amazing asthetics

Be the envy of your neighbors with no extra work.  You are already mowing your lawn.  Might as well make it look even more beautiful.


lawn striping system
Nature is all around us,
Craft yours beautifully

Our kit for push mowers is universal.  Fits all push mowers with a cut size of 25" and less.  Easy on, easy off.